Amazing Antarctica by Photographer Alex Cornell

In the minds of most people, Antarctica is cold, lifeless space, where there are constant snowfalls, terrible blizzards or dangerous storms, which is very difficult to survive in, and only courageous people go there. Virtually untouched by human civilization nature of Antarctica can strike anyone who got there for the first time ever. Stunning scenery seems quite ethereal. There are snow-covered peaks, giant icebergs, and rare species of animals, clean water, and endless expanses, where there is no hum of the cars or dirty factory emissions and incessant hubbub of people; there is only silence, the lapping of waves, the wind and the fresh air.

During a trip to Antarctica Alex Cornell has created a lot of beautiful pictures, but the biggest attention was attracted by a number of unique pictures with an unusual iceberg. This iceberg is similar to a piece of glass or a transparent gem. As the matter of fact the photographer managed to capture a rare occurrence - overturned iceberg. Normally, the iceberg rises over the water and its surface is covered with a thick layer of snow. That part of the iceberg that is under water is usually much bigger, so the icebergs rarely overturn. In this case, because the lower part of the iceberg melted or broke off, the iceberg flipped over, showing its lower part - a huge crystal of heavenly beauty. It should be noted that such pieces are very dangerous for the ships sailing nearby, since they can easily damage the ships’ sides or cause huge waves.