Beautiful Macro Photography of Insects by Photographer Nicky Bay

His macro photos are so beautiful, colorful and unique, that they are simply impossible to avert the eyes from. Besides the fact that Nicky Bay has mastered his camera and can create truly beautiful and fascinating pictures, he is a real traveler and seeker.

Modern people are so far from nature that the photographs of insects, especially of the exotic, may seem like a fantasy to them. At first glance it seems that these pictures depict some inhabitants of distant planets, or they are the products of computer painting. However, all these animals live in the forests and parks next to us. People stopped seeing the real beauty of nature and photographers such as Nicky Bay present us a very valuable gift, re-acquainting us with the true beauty of a living planet Earth.

In order to make his snapshots, Singapore photographer had to work a lot. His photo is not the shooting in a comfortable and warm studio, where everything is in its place. He had to search for each insect for a long time in the thickets of the forest, and then he tried to make a beautiful picture that is extremely difficult to do in the wild and with fearful insects. Moreover, he is engaged in insect photography even under the cover of darkness, while using special ultraviolet light, which makes the insects even more expressive.