“Black Sails” –the Show Popular Around the World

The film takes place not only on the water but also on the legendary island of New Providence, existing in reality and which was a haven of pirates in the beginning of the XVIII century, and they have built there a real city. Everything is not so simple on this island, as in any other society, there are various clashes, love stories, intrigues and even political games. The events of 1715 and the adventures of brave corsairs, who range the seas in search of profit, are really exciting. We all know from childhood what the outcome of this story will be, because there are a few people who have not read the book Treasure Island, or have not watch the film. However, here you will witness what was happening twenty years before the writer Stevenson described the events.

The debut of the series took place on 25 January 2014 and has received a lot of attention from all fans of quality cinema. Currently, everyone can see the two seasons of the series (1 season - 8 series), (2 season - 10 series). It is also known that in October 2014 the filmmakers announced that the series will be continued and currently they shoot the third season of “Black Sails”, which is scheduled to be released in 2016.