Coloured Canyon Welcomes with Bizarre Mazes and Bright Shades

The bottom of a vast sea reared up to a great height. Gradually, the hot wind blew sand particles from the former seabed. As a result, part of the Mount Sinai has become one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

A gorge with length of 5 kilometers consists of winding mazes. It is impossible to predict what awaits you around the next corner. Narrow crevices sometimes block the route of travelers. But most of the paths of this extraordinary canyon are easy to walk and pleasant to look at.

A fantastic firework of colors in the Colored Canyon is often depicted on postcards as one of the best attractions in the country.

The walls of the canyon consist of a wide variety of stone: from solid granite to the fragile sandstone. It is hard to believe the photos and stories of tourists, but the hot sand and stone horsts really have the most incredible coloring. There are shades of red, bright orange, white, cream, brown, and even purple.

The wind did a great job over the stone walls, creating bizarre bulges that often resemble fantastical creatures. There is no limit of tourists’ amazement.