Dark Hedges - a Mystical Natural Attraction in Ireland

Beech Alley appeared in the 18th century, but was not so gloomy and dark. The family of the Stuarts, who lived in the area and planted the alley, did not even imagine that the trees would grow so much over the decades.

Locals with a sinking heart and emotions retell the stories about the ghost of the strange woman, which is often seen hovering in the dark tunnel. They say that she is a maid from Stuart’s house, who lost her life under mysterious circumstances. Night walks of ghostly creatures add strange and frightening fame to this place. It is also believed that during Halloween it is surrounded by the souls of dead people.

But there are many brave travelers who want to visit the alley. For some - it is eco-tourism, for others - an opportunity to tickle nerves and experience the adrenaline rush.

In the afternoon, when the sun's beams make their way through the branches, the alley does not look so bleak. But on foggy days or twilight dark tunnel fully matches up to its name.