Discover the Wonders of Belize

There are really lots of things to see. Amazing underwater park, located in the vicinity of the Belize Barrier Reef will not leave anyone indifferent. Scuba dive will allow you enjoy not only a variety of tropical reef dwellers, but also the extraordinary underwater caves, grottos, coral mountains, as well as stalactites and stalagmites formed long time ago.

Hiking in the beautiful tropical jungle, you will witness the fascinating spectacle - Rainbow Falls, and enjoy the lush tropical vegetation and wonderful fauna.

In addition, Belize is the successor of the Mayan culture. There many architectural evidence of the existence of this ancient people. Nothing of the kind you can see in any other corner of the world - the remains of ancient temples and stepped pyramids, "false arch" and the ancient Mayan city Altun Ha.

This is not a complete set of the fabulous attractions of Belize. One thing is certain, once visited this beautiful and mysterious land, you are sure to want to come back.