Elephants Happy Life in the Tropical Garden

The abundance of food and the climate is entirely consistent with their previous habitat in Sumatra. Caring staff in the park allow visitors to communicate with elephants.

Guests of Bali have the feeling that they are in wild jungle, so naturally everything is arranged in the park. Riding elephants for 50 minutes makes them plunge into an extraordinary world of palms, vines, huge number of orchid species, and incredible plants with bright colors. The cries of monkeys and numerous birds complement the beauty of the world and once again show that the wonders of nature are around.

Tourists can feed the elephants and learn more about their habits and peculiarities. For the convenience of visitors, special benches that can fit two people are attached to the back of elephants. Elephants are amazing animals, they love to ride visitors. Those tourists who are brave enough can approach the them and even swim together.