Keukenhof Flower Kingdom

Keukenhof is considered one of the most beautiful parks not only in the Netherlands but also in the world. The tulips are presented in many varieties. Amazing flower beds and clearings please the eye with bright colors and perfect forms.

The record holder among all botanical gardens and parks of amazing plants, Keukenhof has on its expanses over 4.5 million of beautiful tulips, as well as 27 species of trees. 24 upscale gardener work on the creation of the stunning compositions. Each year the designers of the park give a landscape a new look.

In addition to tulips the fragrant valleys display over 100 different kinds of spring flowers. Guests admire the roses, daffodils, lilacs, orchids, hyacinths, hydrangeas, freesia, and many other species. Rare varieties of delicate and beautiful flowers exude an indescribable flavor.

The area of ​​the valley of flowers is divided into several different styles. The gardens are inspired by the latest trends in landscape design: Japanese Garden (strict lines, graceful pavilions, exquisite composition, refinement and nobility), Music Garden (accompanied by soft music, which helps to relax and unwind in the surrounding of delicate flowers), Wedding Garden (decorated with soft pink, cream, and tulips, lilacs, orchids that create an atmosphere of magic and ease).

It is a wonderful park, a visit to which will leave an indelible mark on the soul. Such beauty cannot be described in words. This is a must see place. Looking at the colorful pictures, you realize that the wonders of the nature can really make people kinder and happier.