Majestic Night Landscapes by Photographer Daniel Greenwood

Daniel’s talent appeared very suddenly, it all started with a mobile phone. The first photo with a phone fascinated him so much that soon Daniel bought a professional camera and began to devote most of his time to creating stunning images.

Most of all Daniel Greenwood likes the scenes with beautiful lighting. Maybe that's why he became interested in night shooting when the contrast between bright light and black shadow reaches the maximum. It is necessary to admit that even with a relatively small practice of shooting at night he achieved some success and is able to create not just the right images in terms of technique, but also pictures with exciting plot.

Daniel Greenwood says that he does not know all the secrets of true professionals, in fact he only learns the mysteries of photography art. The camera is always with him and every opportunity he uses to create a beautiful photo. He also wants to make a trip around the world, and take photos of the most iconic places.