Melissani Cave – Incredible and Exquisite Natural Wonder

Cave Lake in the Kefalonia region welcomes tourists with bright blue, deep clear and clean water. Quietly gliding the surface of the lake, the boat seems to float in zero gravity. The water is so transparent that you can even see the bottom in the deepest 14 meters spot of the lake.

The unique geological structure of the area contributed to the fact that the water of the lake is salty. In the underground passage, which extends up to 14 kilometers, the sea water gets into the lake. But the underground movement of sea water then goes in the reverse direction. After the lake Melissani it goes into the tortuous maze and after several kilometers it returns to the same track and continues moving toward the sea.

Melissani Cave is an ancient wonder of nature. Researchers have found statues of the god Pan, and beautiful nymphs, who, according to the beliefs of the ancient Greeks, constantly lived in this beautiful clean lake.