Navagio Bay – Paradise in Greece

This small island has a strange almost triangular in shape. A rare species of sea turtles Caretta have found shelter beside this island. It has many attractions, but the main of course is an amazing bay.

You can get to the bay only from the sea. It is completely isolated and surrounded by high almost 100-meter white cliffs. The slopes are steep and inaccessible. The top of a cliff is almost completely covered with dense vegetation, deciduous and coniferous trees form an emerald carpet. The sand on the coast is creamy white with small pebbles. Its color contrasts favorably with clear, warm turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. And steep cliffs emphasize sparkling blue water surface, which plays all shades of blue.

Fantastic scenery amazes even experienced travelers. Particularly interesting are the photos of the picturesque bay made from the height.

Navagio, or as it is often called Smugglers Cove, is the most famous part of the island. In the 80th the cargo ship carrying contraband goods ran aground due to the storm. The ship was carried with waves to the shore. Hiding from the authorities of Greece, the team left the ship and disappeared in an unknown direction. The vessel hull rusted over time, and now it is like a beached whale, stands in the white sand and among enchanting natural beauty. The contrast of rusty iron pile and the beautiful landscape around is just amazing.