Photographer Brad Wilson and Animal Portraits

However, after studying he preferred professional photography. The knowledge of art history development helped him to apply the skills of the great painters and sculptors of the past, as well as the basics and secrets of creativity in contemporary photography. His work is very different from the works of other photographers: it is full of life, intimacy, sensuality and creativity. Currently, Brad Wilson lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he continues to make a career in the commercial and artistic photography.

Here you can see one of a series of photos with animal portraits. In some pictures wild animals look directly into the camera lens, creating a sense of visual communication with the audience. For even greater effect, the photographer put the animal on a black background, so that the viewer is not distracted by elements and details. The idea of such series of photos was very difficult to implement, because Brad Wilson had to work with a diversity of animals which he ordered in the studio. There were serious complications with registration, transportation, as well as the work with the wildlife itself.